Eun Kyoung Choe is an Assistant Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University where she is a director of Design Square. She has been examining ways to help people become empowered individuals through fully leveraging their personal data. She has been exploring this topic in various contexts including the Quantified Self movement, sleep, patient-clinician communication & data sharing, and personal data insights & visualization.

Geraldine Fitzpatrick is a Professor of Technology Design and Assessment, Head of Institute and Head of HCI Group, at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). She is co-author of two substantial reviews related to Health IT: “Self-care Technologies in HCI: Trends, Tensions, and Opportunities” (2015, TOCHI) and “A Review of 25 Years of CSCW Research in Healthcare: Contributions, Challenges and Future Agendas” (2013, JCSCW). She is particularly interested in patient-centred perspectives for the design and use of technologies to support motivation and behavior change, health and wellbeing, and self-care in chronic conditions. She has been a co-organizer of numerous CHI workshops.

Bongshin Lee is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research. Her research explores innovative ways for people to create visualizations, interact with their data, and share data-driven stories. She has been recently focusing on helping people explore the data about themselves and share meaningful insights with others by leveraging visualizations. She is a co-organizer of the two DEXIS (Visual Data Exploration of Interactive Surfaces) workshops and Human-Centered Machine Learning and Immersive Analytics workshops. She currently serves as a General Co-Chair for IEEE PacificVis 2017, and was a Papers Co-Chair for IEEE InfoVis 2015 & 2016.

Lauren Wilcox is an Assistant Professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology where she directs the Health Experience and Applications (Hx) Lab. She studies, designs, and develops computing tools for digital communication of personal health status and progress, drawing from the perspectives of clinical caregivers, families, and individuals. In 2013, She co-chaired the ACM CHI workshop, Patient–Clinician Communication: The Roadmap for HCI. She was a co-organizer of the first Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH). She also served as Workshops Chair for PervasiveHealth 2014, and Short Papers and Posters Co-Chair for PervasiveHealth 2013.